Soft light · Natural tones · Authentic images

My name is Malak and I am a Fashion and Wedding Photographer in Paris.

I have been glued to my camera for the last 8 years and am so happy to also call this passion my job.

I mainly work between France and Morocco, but I am also always happy for new adventures anywhere in the world!

Let me tell you my story:

Since I was a little kid, I always thought that at some point I would work in the fashion industry. Which is why as a teenager in high school, I decided to start my own fashion blog. Slowly, I realized that I wanted to create more and produce top quality content for the blog, and to me that meant IMPECCABLE photos. A couple of years later, I eventually took the plunge and invested in my first DSLR.

Very quickly, I fell in love with taking photos and my blog had soon become just an excuse to keep creating and learning. For someone who had spent an entire childhood shying away from cameras, I had become incredibly confortable around them!

Then 6 years ago, I moved to France to pursue a career in fashion and after working for some of the biggest international fashion houses here in Paris (to name a few: Celine, Hermès, Balmain, Sonia Rykiel...), I eventually decided to fully dedicate myself to one of my ultimate passions: photography!

Of course, my love for fashion was (and is) always there, which is what my clients say makes my photography different. I like to say that I produce photographs with a fashion edge and that I can make anyone look like a super model. Because it's true! There is beauty in everything, my role is to capture it. 

A childhood of hating cameras followed by years of learning to work with them have taught me how to pose my clients, how to make them comfortable while shooting, how to compose photos in the most flattering way, and even how to make them fall in love with their "bad angle" and so much more!

If you have always wanted to feel and look as beautiful as magazine models, you are at the right place. Whether it is for your wedding, for a Paris shoot or for an actual fashion shoot, I will make sure that you love every photo you receive!

Are you looking to work with me? 
or request your price guide at info@malaklaraki.com