Taking photos of strangers in Korea

Last November/December, I finally had the opportunity to travel to South Korea. I had been wanting to visit this country for so long and was beyond excited to discover it.

While I was there, I decided to challenge myself and ask strangers if I could take photos of them. I didn't want to just snap photos of them while they were uncomfortably smiling at me, I wanted to use the 2 minutes out of their day that they gave me to guide them towards a specific pose.

Well, it wasn't easy but I am pretty happy that they accepted to take part in this challenge. After all, part of the challenge was also to have the courage to walk up to them and ask them to model for me! So I guess it was a success :)

That afternoon, I only took time to do this twice but I will definitely give this challenge another try in the next few weeks and this time it will be in Paris!