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Are you visiting Paris for the first time? Or maybe you've already been here before but this time is going to be particularly special? We would love to help make your stay that much more magical.

"Love and Paris". How many have already written books about it? Or sang songs about it? Or made movies about it! How about we write your own story this time, and instead of lyrics or poems, let's create beautiful images that only you can truly understand and only us can have the honor of capturing.

Whether it is for surprise proposal, engagement photos, your future wedding or just a fun couple shoot, let us take you to the best locations in the city for an unforgettable souvenir of your stay in Paris!

Mini sessions start at 250€

Longer sessions start at 500€

A wedding is a day that is always filled with so many emotions. There will be laughs, there will be tears, there will be love and happiness. How much time will go in preparing it? And how much time will go in actually celebrating it? Although you will love every second of your big day, it will always feel like "it all happened too fast" and you "wish you could live it again".

We want you to live it again! We will make sure to capture every detail that you might miss, every smile from your guests or tears of emotion that your closest friends will try to hide, and every glance full of love that your partner will have in your direction. For this important day, you need a dedicated team of people who will go out of their way to make everything feel perfect.

Are you inviting all of your extended family for a wedding like no other? Or do you prefer an intimate elopement with just you and your loved one, and maybe a few of your closest friends? No matter what you choose, we want to capture every moment of magic during your special day. We want your souvenir photos to be as beautiful as your memories! Give us the mission of documenting your ceremony and focus your energy on enjoying the moment.

Small weddings prices start at 1500€

Big weddings packages starts at 4000€

Who said fashion shoots were only for magazine models? Certainly not us! Growing up, have you ever dreamed of looking as perfect as a magazine model? Well guess what, "even the magazine model is not as perfect as the magazine model"

In reality, nobody's perfect, you already know that. However, we 100% believe that everyone is beautiful, and photos that look editorial worthy are just a matter of good lighting, good styling and a lot of confidence. And if you don't walk in the shoot already feeling confident, you will most definitely walk out of it feeling like a star!

We offer fashion shoots to anyone who wants to celebrate themselves "because why not", and anyone who dreams of looking at themselves in a new light and discover how they can look in a new artistic way. Does this sound like you? Perfect, we are ready to make you feel amazing!

Mini sessions start at 250€
Longer sessions start at 500€

We don't know about you, but we have always loved the idea of photos taken with the same people every few months or years. Why? Because it is always interesting to watch the evolution, to look back and remember what your hairstyle was a few years ago, what kind of clothes you used to enjoy wearing, how you felt in your life in general at that specific moment... 

Maybe you'll look back at one photo and notice that watch that your dad gave you, that you used to wear all the time even though it didn't even work? Maybe you'll remember that that photoshoot was your graduation gift and you will smile once you recognize the look of relief on your face on that photo for finally receiving your degree? So many memories are attached to photographs. We want to build beautiful ones with you. 

Solo shoots and family shoots are a wonderful way to write your story and remember your best life events. Let us capture candid images of you in your most natural moments!

Mini sessions start at 300€

Longer sessions start at 500€